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Le Prix Juste

At Le Slip Français, we produce in France.

Everything, from the label on our briefs to the furniture in our boutique shops.

Partnercompanies, that often pass on their traditional know-how from one generation to the next, ensure our production. Together, we design and produce long-lasting products of high quality.

What Le Slip Français offers to a fair price, is what it takes to remunerate the quality of a real know-how and expertise.

Le local

Why produce in a dozen different places, when we can do it all in one?
Why try to export the know-how, when we got it right at the door step?
So, why not produce in France?
It is there, where the heart of fashion and design lies and where the traditions and practices have been continued for generations..
Voilà, the clothes of Le Slip Français are made, full heartedly by the French.

A partnership with 42 atelier in France insures the fabrication in France.
Around 40 factories, who are mostly family businesses, build a dynamic and knowledgable network.
It's on the streets of France, from atelier to atelier, where a design is transformed into a collection. From tag to design, from pattern to boxer shorts and from home to home.


Today, Le Slip Français consists of 300, from which 200 people or indirectly employees from the factories.

To produce the collections and essentials, 42 factories receive continuous orders. Thanks to Le Slip Français (and other clients) these factories expand and create secure employment.
A long trust-based relationship with these factories is created. This results in innovation and a network of knowledge.
This strive for growth gives confident for a future aside from the delocalisation and an avant-garde for more a qualitative and humane production.

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