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The University of the Slip

Back to the roots to Bordeaux to relive the best years of our lives at the university. We see Chabert and Tomasi again, who are usually too busy changing the world. Discover the perfect wardrobe for the back of the classroom, or for skipping school right away.
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Skipping school

Roaming the streets of Bordeaux

A blue cardigan for work, graphic socks, sweatshirts

to rest in bed all day long, water-resistant underwear, and staplers to keep track all the homework we once again left for Sunday evening...
Le Prix Juste

At Le Slip Français, we produce in France.

Everything, from the label on our briefs to the furniture in our boutique shops.

Partnercompanies, that often pass on their traditional know-how from one generation to the next, ensure our production. Together, we design and produce long-lasting products of high quality.

What Le Slip Français offers to a fair price, is what it takes to remunerate the quality of a real know-how and expertise.

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