The French

"Some would say that briefs are not elegant.
Maybe... But a French one does."
Collections Made in France Le Slip Français

Le Slip Français makes rethought basics that can be worn every day indoors and out, offering comfort and durability. The essential without complexity: That's our way of doing.

Our collections are declined for male and female, and many of our products are mixed. All are primarily designed for comfort, from fleece trousers to lace bras with or without underwire.

The "good to wear":
clothes that are good for you, good for the world and good for everyone.

The Unisex clothing.

Collections Made in France Le Slip Français Collections Made in France Le Slip Français

Of course always made locally, our mixed, fluid and uncomplexed range is designed to dress every body indifferently and with style.
Easy to wear, easy to combine and share, these garments will accompany you every day whatever your desires and in the greatest comfort.

Choose your own style in complete freedom, create your own genre.


Collective collections

Our collections are composed of pieces of clothing that are manufactured in limited quantities,

for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year's Eve, or in collaboration with companies whose approach and processes we support, such as 1083 or SAINT JAMES.

Whether experimenting with new materials, new cuts, highlighting an artist or a designer, these collections animate the French textile ecosystem and forge the future.

to be explored.

Collections Made in France Le Slip Français

Le Slip Français is committed to the relocalisation of the production of raw materials, and the development of new materials that are more environmentally friendly.

Whether it's enhancing the French wool industry with our Le Ludo pullover or developing new recycling methods with the Moncoton project, discover the future of local clothing.

Creating connection.

All our clothes are manufactured in France thanks to our 29 partner workshops.

Many of whose know-how have been labeled as Living Heritage Company or Guaranteed French Origin. Declared a company with a mission, Le Slip Français relocates production locally and develops eco-designed materials, for a positive social and environmental impact.