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Our crowdfunding campaign in favor of the Telethon 2016


Go on KissKissBankBank If you want also your beanie:

This year, Le Slip Français, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. It is an adventure that we have shared with you for the past five years and we owe you a lot for it. For the 3rd time in a row we decided to give you back a little bit of what we have received by initiating the “Bouge ton Pompon” operation for the AFM-Teléthon.

The incredible success, first in 2014, with a total donation of 40.000€ and then in 2015 with a total donation of 100.000€ for the Telethon would not have been possible without you – and we thank you very much for it. 

2016 is not only special to us, but also to the Telethon celebrating its 30th anniversary and thus a whole “Generation of Telethon”. On this occasion, Le Slip Français has decided to directly involve you in the “beanie making process”, offering you the possibility to choose your preferred beanie. 


We have decided to present you 4 beanies: you could then vote for the beanie you liked most and which should be the symbol for this years “Bouge ton Pompon” campaign. 

After a big suspense, 1 971 participants voted for the "Rythmic Beanie". A handmade beanie, made with love in Saint Etienne, will carry highly and strongly the colours of "Bouge ton Pompon".

 Our friends from KissKissBankBank are also back in the game to help us to collect a minimum amount of 30 000€.

Each beanie will be sold 35€ which 10€ will be donated to AFM - Telethon.


If we exceed this amount we will relaunch the beanie machine with the pleasure and will increase the collection for AFM - Telethon.


 We hope that this year again you will join our amazing adventure moving your Pompon for le Telethon.