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Le Slip Français Slip Truck 

Le Slip Français runs at full speed, even in summer! Each year during summer, the French Slip Truck travels through France along the Atlantic coast !

Markets, beaches, bars, clubs, restaurants or even golf courses, the Slip Truck goes from town to town to celebrate and transmit the fun spirit of Le Slip Français throughout France.

L'Estafette du Slip

From Paris to Biarritz, passing by Noirmoutier and Carnac, the "French Estafette" is everywhere! During last summer, our favorite car has gone through all French beaches, its truck full of Briefs, Boxers and Swimwear of our summer collection! 

This summer come with us to meet Le Slip Français and discover our new summer collection by following the Slip Truck in its crazy adventure through a new course ! At a restaurant turn, in the middle of a market, in the heart of a warm summer night or even at your side at the water's edge the French Slip Truck will take part in all the events! This summer, join us to our crazy road trip and taste the Slip Français way of life !