Made in France

The good

Thanks to our 29 partner workshops, all our garments are made in France.

Often called Living Heritage Company and/or Guaranteed French Origin, their know-how ensures local and dedicated production for the benefit of all.

The regional and exceptional know-how of the French textile industry is thus perpetuated through 300 indirect jobs dedicated to the manufacture of sustainable clothing.

This ecosystem is much more than a partnership of companies: growers, breeders, suppliers of materials and accessories, spinning mills, distributors and many others form a community whose lives are linked and whose vision is shared.

Building relationships.

Building relationships.

By moving production locally and developing eco-friendly materials,

Le Slip Français is working to help and empower an ecosystem that has been severely hit for 50 years.

From the merino wool produced on the Valensole plateaus to the lace made in Caudry, via swimsuits made from new recycled materials manufactured at the Portes du Coglais, it is the entire French textile industry which, together, is inventing a local manufacture of the future.

Made in France

is it worth the cost?

Local manufacturing is a commitment that makes sense in a long-term vision.

Today, it remains impossible to compete with the prices that fast fashion imposes by exploiting the human and environmental resources of developing countries.

But thanks to the growing awareness of consumers, our model, which is aware of the stakes for all the players in the chain, is gradually gaining ground with more and more companies.

Made in France