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Le Slip guides you through our lingerie collection.


The finest lace in different colors and shapes for your intimate clothing. From flower patterns to chevron, there is something for every occasion and every taste.

Discover now our French lace lingerie that has been carefully created in our workshops.


Behind this specific description hides a special tulle fabric with a ribbed structure for which we have completely fallen for! The webbing technique makes sure that your underwear has the perfect fit and a soft feel. It is slightly transparent and flattering for all shapes and sizes!

Opt for open knit from the Auvergne region.


Even if Le Slip became an expert on textiles over the years, there are no cotton fields in France! We carefully select and import the cotton thread in order to weave the cotton in France and create soft and breathable fabrics for your daily comfort.

Stay up to date on product releases or(ganic) news from our workshops!

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If you are looking for delicate and discrete underwear, we recommend you try out fabrics with a paper touch finish for a seamless look thanks to its mat and soft feel. We added some tulle for a little extra detail just in case.

Easy to wear underwear with paper touch finish underneath all your clothes.


You would prefer the naked truth and to wear nothing at all? Then modal is the right choice for you. It is a soft and lightweight fabric which feels like a second skin. Slightly transparent and feminine.

Feel the ultimate comfort with modal.
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