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Le Slip Français x Saint-James : Welcome on board
Collaboration of two French craftmanships.
Shortly after sunrise, Jean Lou leaves the cabin, wearing his bobby and toudou. On the bridge, his hair still tousled, he quickly drowns a boiling hot coffee and sets foot on the (marine) ground. Today will be long and fresh. He puts on his coastline jumper and grabs his Ré beanie. Unloading freight and verifying technical instruments, he will not be bored. It’s time to get started, and he still appreciates his rusty boat. Rapid gestures, and technical maneuvers follow.
The entire collection
The pullover of the season, signed by Saint-James and Le Slip Français, is made of 100% wool. Le Littoral is the perfect partner to confront wintry temperatures. It’s cut in two: the top forms strings in a V form, the sleeves and bottom feature a steady pearl glazing.
The “Le Littoral” Pullover
My beanie is beautiful
The beanie of the season by LSF and Saint-James is carefully-knitted, giving the hat more relief and the elasticity of a traditional technique.
The “Bonnet Ré” Beanie
My Bobby
The T-Shirt of the season can be worn day and night, even if it’s particularly suited for comfortable days at home. The raglan sleeves make the pullover comfortable to wear and ensure that it’s easy to put on. And let’s not forget the comfort of 100% cotton.
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My Toudou’s all soft
The Toudou Saint-James and Le Slip Français of the season is a variation of our Toudou with bigger pockets on the inside. The soft marine anthracite color of these soft pockets underline the grey pants tissue.
I want it
Jean-Lou doesn’t need anything else beside his grey workwear from the Saint-James x Le Slip Français collaboration: the pullover, made of 100% wool, the knitted wool beanie for the bridge, a Toudou and matching T-Shirt for the cabin