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Le Slip Français is a committed company

In this time, our epoch, we set out to defend a simple idea: the pursuit of happiness and purpose in our lives. This powerful idea, which makes us get up each morning and show up at work with a smile. Which helps us recognise value in the things we do. At Le Slip Français, we found such a purpose: we became actors in a world we wish to change through our work – step by step, brief by brief.


That is the choice we made 8 years ago: to live an engaged and responsible adventure!

We believe that companies can no longer be simple economic actors with a narrow sense of purpose. Instead, they must define and pursue certain values. The successful implementation of the mission of our enterprise includes the well-being of the people around us, as well as the sustainability of our actions for our ecosystem and environment.

Ever since, we strive to do things well: with good intentions and transparency. We respect everyone we cross on this journey. And we dare to ask the tough questions: why are things the way they are? Because we want to be sure that at the end of the day, our work has a positive impact on the environment and society at large.


All our products are Made in France. From knitting a strand of wool to the packaging, while not forgetting the elastic or printing materials. Our suppliers accomplish all steps of production completely within the borders of the hexagon. Besides the 50 positions created at our headquarter and in the different boutiques, we employ more than 100 people with full-time contracts at our nine main production sites. Their crafty hands produce our products with love and care, 12 months a year.


The past 25 years have not been easy on the French and European textile industry. In fact, the situation has been tenuous, as a great number of jobs and whole businesses were hit hard by outsourcing production. The actors, often family-owned businesses, face the challenge of preserving their industrial facilities as well as know-how, and to renew and reinvent it for future generations. They have to adapt and find new modes of organization in order to protect their businesses and win, educate and retain talent.

By giving these enterprises enhanced visibility and reputation, and by filling their order books, we incentivize long-term thinking. By investing in the modernization of production facilities and in the professional education of the workforce, these businesses are once again able to pursue ambitious economic goals. For communities previously threatened by outsourcing and job losses, our common work creates new opportunities and inspires community trust.


Since 2011, every sold bried is a step towards our goal to change the world. But after 9 adventurous years, we have to aks ourselves, is it still enough to produce in France?
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

So if we wanto to conitnue to change the world, we have to continue to go develop further as well. And we would like to do that with you. No matter where you are, you are invited to join our adventure.

Are you coming with us?
  • LSF x AFM TĂ©lĂ©thon

    For 9 years, Le Slip Français is a beautiful and joyful adventure that we can continue thanks to you. Since 2014, we have chosen to give back some of the luck that we have experienced by supporting the AFM-Téléthon association with our bobble beanie initiative.
  • A Slip-Premiere

    Le Ludo is our first sweater which is produced 100% France. Made in France is already the mission of Le Slip. But our dream would be to also gain our raw materials in France. With Ludo we were able to accomplish just that! Ludo is made of sustainibly sourced wool from the South of France.


At Le Slip Français, even though we are certainly no superheroes, we have the ambition to change the world. The mission, which we accepted and chose: (re)defining fashion and the textile industry in France. In this, we have no illusions. We recognize that producing here has a certain prize. A culture of continuous innovation is essential, because we hope to sustain our adventure well into the future.

In this spirit, we have partnered with NeXT and R3iLab. Together, we develop new production processes for the textile industry. This project, financed by the state, aims to shape the future of industry. With the right dose of craziness and ambition, just as we like. We chase new processes in underwear production, which will lead to gains in productivity and allow us to repatriate the textile industry to France and Europe in the long-term.


Those are the values and beliefs we commit to. We, that’s first and foremost the team of Le Slip Français. An enthusiastic and dynamic team, but one which also defines itself as a family. Our goal is to implement our vision as well as our societal responsibility as an enterprise in a holistic way.

Since 2014, we are part of the program “PM’Up” of the regional administration of Paris. We are active in the start-up scene around the city. We wear the ‘Lucie’ label with pride, because it certifies our sense of social responsibility. In June 2017, we obtained a 4.6/5 in the ‘Happy at Work’ survey, which evaluates the professional development of employees within their businesses.

Trust, a key to success

Trust is a precious resource, in the real world and online. We want to thank you for putting your trust in us. With every ordered brief, boxer, socks, shirt and pullovers, you allowed the Slip to establish its credibility. Thanks to your support, we even outperformed other French websites and were declared the most trusted among 133 webites in the survey.
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