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How do I order something on the Le Slip Français website?

For you to become the happy owner of one of our Made in France products, you simply have to place the desired products in your shopping cart. Once you have selected all of them, please create an account. For that, we ask you to indicate your mail address, some personal information and choose a password. Once the account is created, please choose among the various payment and delivery options. As soon as we have received your order you will receive a confirmation via mail. Attention: sometimes that mail is unfortunately delivered to your spam folder! Je recherche un article en particulier, pouvez-vous m’aider ?

How do I create an account? You forgot your password?

To create an account just click on the “person” icon on the top right corner of our homepage www.leslipfrancais.co.uk. You can create your account here with your mail address and desired password. You can also sign up to our newsletter here to remain up-to-date with all special offers of the Slip.

If you forgot your password, don’t worry! Try this link to recover your password: https://www.leslipfrancais.co.uk/recuperation-mot-de-passe. If you cannot reset it, please contact our customer service: bonjour@leslipfrancais.fr.

My payment was not accepted. What should I do?

Unfortunately this can happen from time to time. Please verify that you entered all numbers, such as your credit card number, correctly. Perhaps you have exceeded your monthly limit for eCommerce or your card is no longer valid? If that is the case, please try one of the other payment options: Paypal, Wire payment or credit card. You can also call us to place the order together: +33 01 45 23 92 55.

Why are there no bigger sizes than XXL ?

Le Slip Français is producing the majority of all products in XL. For the moment we are trying to expand our offer and started producing several articles in size XXL. Our essentials as well as some products of the new collection are available in XXL. On a few products also 3XL and 4XL are already available. 

How long is the delivery time for customized products with embroidery?

For customized products you need to add several days to the usual delivery time. This delay is depending on the timinig – chrismas for example is high season for our products with embroidery and therefore it can take a bit longer. The exact time will be indicated in any case on the website.


How can I return my articles?

If you ordered an article on our website, please follow these instructions: https://www.leslipfrancais.co.uk/content/1-delivery
Do you want to return a product that you bought from one of our resellers ?

If this concerns a product of our « essential collection » or if its part of the new collection, we can only offer you an exchange, not a refund. Therefore we advise you to first get in contact with the reseller where you purchased the article.

If the reseller isn’t accepting the exchange you can contact us at bonjour@leslipfrancais.fr and then you can send the products back to this adress :

Service Retour LSF chez Logtex - Quai n°7
2 rue William et Catherine Booth
10000 Troyes

This only applies if the purchase was made in the last 30 days. If its a product from one of our older collections we can unfortunately not accept a return or a refund.

Do you want to return a product that you bought in one of our shops (or that you got as a present) and now you have no possibility to go to the shop again for an exchange ?

If the purchase was made in the last 60 days you can send the article back to our logistic partner :

Service Retour LSF chez Logtex - Quai n°7
2 rue William et Catherine Booth
10000 Troyes

Add as well a note with your full name, your e-mail adress, your phone number, your adress and the receipt you got in the shop.


One product is missing – what can I do?

We are sorry that this happened to you. In order to find the reason and get in touch with our logistic partner , please get in contact with us and write an e-mail to bonjour@leslipfrancais.fr . Please state in this mail which is the missing product, as well as the total weight of the parcel (this is indicated on the label of the parcel) and tell us if you had the impression that there were some damages to the package when you received it.

I made a mistake that is concerning my adress, the product itself, the size – what should I do ?

This can happen to everyone ! You can contact us directly by phone (+33) 1 45 92 23 55 or via mail bonjour@leslipfrancais.fr and we will try our best to find a solution to your problem. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee you this, as its possible that your order is maybe already on its way to you. In this case we can only advise you to order again and send the other article back as soon as you receive it. For this procedure have a look a bit more up on this website where we explain this a bit more extensively.
How long takes the shipping to a foreign country?

Our delivery options for international shipping are :

- Delivery at home via Colissimo

- Express delivery via DHL for countries in the EU

If you follow this link you can calculate the delivery time to the country of your choice :
Le Prix Juste

At Le Slip Français, we produce in France.

Everything, from the label on our briefs to the furniture in our boutique shops.

Partnercompanies, that often pass on their traditional know-how from one generation to the next, ensure our production. Together, we design and produce long-lasting products of high quality.

What Le Slip Français offers to a fair price, is what it takes to remunerate the quality of a real know-how and expertise.

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