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Working with Le Slip Français

Every day, Le Slip Français takes up the challenge to produce its collections in France. All of them. No exceptions. From the knitting onto the etiquettes, the elastic bands and even our product boxes: every piece is the result of our cooperation with the best French craftsmanship.

This expertise was carefully constructed with our 27 industrial partners across France, and allows us to imagine new, high-quality products for you: underwear and socks, but also T-Shirts, sweatshirts and accessories, which we can customise according to your needs.

We believe that changing the way we consume is a good idea. Beyond our briefs, we offer a business model, which is more just, solid, transparent and sustainable. A circuit we review continuously to form an equilibrium.
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Le Prix Juste

At Le Slip Français, we produce in France.

Everything, from the label on our briefs to the furniture in our boutique shops.

Partnercompanies, that often pass on their traditional know-how from one generation to the next, ensure our production. Together, we design and produce long-lasting products of high quality.

What Le Slip Français offers to a fair price, is what it takes to remunerate the quality of a real know-how and expertise.

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