A brief full of ideas

A birthdate, an embarrassing nickname, a joke between friends or a little love note: express yourself with a brief! We collected a few ideas that should help you to find the right model, the right color and the right embroidery.
  • Call me by my name

    Still the easiest way not to lose or get your brief stolen in the changing room? Right, you need to write your name on it. And as a present you are always on the safe side.
  • 2 stars on my brief

    Are you proud of the French national team for winning the world championship in 2018? Then get yourself a brief with two golden stars! And if you don’t care about soccer (or the French national team)? Two stars still look great on a brief don’t you think?
  • Important dates…

    An unforgettable match, a proposal date, your anniversary: some dates just should not be forgotten! And wearing them proudly on your underwear is a great way to remember them. On our boxer shorts, the embroidery is on the bottom of the product.
  • …or shared memories!

    Funny anecdotes, a memory that just makes you laugh or two words that bring back a moment of nostalgia . The embroidery is also possible on our female underwear - on our essentials as well as on our new arrivals (like for example here the panties with floral design)
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