Change fashion. Change the world.

The manifesto

Always being in one place for 10 years may not sound that exciting, but we love it. By producing our clothes in France, we draw on all the diversity of the French textile industry to tread lightly and with heart. And for a short circuit that sees further, we develop materials that are ever so gentle on our customers and the environment. We are building a modern and sustainable look without any complexes, to promote the know-how of our workshops and the trades that we continue to invent. So even if we seem crazy, we like to go round in circles on the short circuit, and this is a first step to CHANGE FASHION.

And because the short circuit requires long-term work, it's essential to give it a boost. So to avoid short circuits, we work in contact with a whole ecosystem of companies driven by our successes, sometimes guided by our mistakes, and always committed to the same ambition : to make things happen without moving very far. Together, we are building a balance that is as much ethical as it is economic, to encourage creativity and reinvent the textile industry towards a more human and sustainable model. So even if we know where we want to go, treading water is a marathon, each step of which contributes to CHANGE THE WORLD.

  • Local clothing made in France
  • Local clothing made in France
  • Local clothing made in France
  • Local clothing made in France
Local clothing made in France

The mission.

Le Slip Français' mission is to reinvent the textile industry with drive and momentum by making all its products in France.

From the yarn to the final packaging and supplies, the entire production process is local, committed to preserving jobs and know-how in french regions.

Among the 29 workshops that accompany us, many are classified as Living Heritage Companies, and all are committed to the quality and influence of French manufacturing.

The look.

Local clothing made in France Local clothing made in France

For Le Slip Français, the look designates this typically French ease, this uncomplicated ability with which we find our elegance, effortlessly and without sacrificing comfort.

A slip is in itself not elegant, but the French is always elegant, even in pyjamas. So the swing of the slip Français is also this proud and feel good attitude, even in underpants!

Our Materials

In Le Slip Français’ collection you will find recycled wool and lace, swimwear made from innovative materials such as Newlife® (made from recycled plastic bottles), merino wool produced entirely in Provence, and many other materials always thought for their comfort and positive impact on the environment.

The good to wear: clothes that are good for you, good for the world and good for everyone.
Local clothing made in France Local clothing made in France

Citizen of fashion

Le Slip Français is a driving and dedicated company committed to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.rnBy, for example, working with 1083 to develop new eco-designed materials, by creating the Shake Your Pom Pom event to benefit the Telethon, or by participating in the construction of Savoir-Faire Ensemble to coordinate the large-scale manufacture of sanitary masks in France.

The brand is part of a collective approach to reinventing the textile industry in the service of common well-being.

The story.

the story.

Le Slip Français was founded in 2011 with 600 pairs of underwear in the garage of its founder Guillaume Gibault. Today, with more than 2 million pieces sold and a complete wardrobe, the ambition remains the same:

Manufacturing with common sense; valuing jobs and products, taking care of those around us and what surrounds us.

In this way, Guillaume Gibault is also president of the Savoir Faire Ensemble group, which was born by manufacturing, in partnership with many other French brands, protective masks, blouses and other textile products needed by the population in times of crisis.